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Want to Exit your Business and Keep your legacy?


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Giza Capital Partners (GCP) offers Egyptian business owners the opportunity to exit their business to a professional team that will grow the business and keep its legacy. 

GCP is a fund formed to identify, acquire and operate an existing private company in Egypt with an enterprise value between $5.0 and $25.0 million. The acquisition will be used as a foundation for future growth and expansion of the business. The fund is targeting a 35% IRR on invested capital. The overall return will blend return on equity and subordinated debt invested.

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Our Promise to Sellers

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We will build a relationship with you and develop a vision for your business through mutual respect and honesty


We will work with you to achieve your objectives during the transition of your business, including flexible deal terms and post-acquisition involvement


We are committed to full confidentiality and trust when sharing information with each other


Giza Capital Partners Team


Ahmed Raafat

Managing Partner

Ahmed has 10 years of professional experience where he worked as an entrepreneur for 6 years and 4 years as an investor and  strategy consultant. Ahmed’s experience span across building and scaling SMEs through operational excellence, key partnerships, team building, and financial instruments. 

He holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Cambridge, a MM in Supply Chain Management from MIT, and  a BSc. in Mechanical Design Engineering from Cairo University.


Target Investments

Acquisition for Growth



  • Sticky and growing revenues

  • EBITDA $1.5 M to $5 M (>15% EBITDA margin) 

  • Minimum three years of sustainable profit margin 


Organisation and Team

  • A well-structured organisation with passionate team members who have complementary skills set.

  • High quality middle management 



  • Health Care

  • Manufacturing 

  • Renewable Energy

  • Logistics

  • Education



Giza Capita Partners is looking to acquire a medium-sized company in Egypt.

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